Decalogue – songs for a better life

CD Dekalog - coverThe idea of ​​creating our own, verbal and musical version of the Decalogue crystallized in our conversations over several years. Only as mature creators did we find the necessary courage and faith that we could cope. We believe that it is the responsibility of creators to describe the modern world, ask difficult questions and inspire people to look for their own answers.
The Decalogue can be an excellent “tool” in this work. It is the most important moral code of Christians, and many thinkers consider it a set of rules of the civilized world. It hides universal, deep wisdom. It does not lose its relevance, is readable and somehow concerned about the well-being of each of us.
We treat recording our own interpretation of this work as the highest challenge in our artistic work.
Each of the Ten Commandments is a separate song. The songs are not of a religious nature, but describe the condition of modern man in relation to the subsequent Commandments. Musically, our project consists of eleven jazz compositions referring to the classics of the genre and motifs of Polish folk music.
The songs were written in the form of a multi-part suite.

Wiesława Sujkowska, Andrzej Jagodziński

  1. You
    You shall have no other gods before me
  2. I’m looking for a name for you
    You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain
  3. Prayer
    Remember to keep the day holy
  4. Mom
    Honor your father and your mother
  5. Death is not enough
    Do not kill
  6. Your touch
    Do not commit adultery
  7. Don’t steal a little
    Do not steal
  8. Good name
    Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
  9. Silver Prince
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife…
  10. Silence the miser with generosity
    …nor any thing that is his
  11. Do not be indifferent

Agnieszka Wilczyńska – vocals
Adam Nowak (Raz, Dwa, Trzy) – vocals
Robert Majewski – trumpet, flugelhorn,
Andrzej Jagodziński – piano
Adam Cegielski – double bass,
Czesław “Mały” Bartkowski – drums

Producer and publisher: Blue Note Agencja Artystyczna
Female voice recording: Piotr Semczuk /
Recording, mixing, mastering: Andrzej Rewak /
Graphic design: Janusz Różański
Management: Blue Note Artistic Agency –

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