CD Deep Cut

Okładka płyty Deep Cut

Welcome to the world of our music. Our world. Different to that of the end of 20th century. Without a violence, without clamour, here you are not exposed to the smell of a traffic jam. DEEP CUT. We cut ourselves off. Moving to a woodland clearing. As dusk falls the last rays of the sunshine at sunset. Smell of wet grass. Night. The descent is begining. GOING DOWN. It is becoming unquiet. Everybody fears the night. In its quiet nostalgia awakenes. Longing for something, for somebody… As for DJANGO. Only loneliness remains. LONESOME DANCER. And dawn breaks, and space opens up again. Bird song. WALK IN SPACE. Maybe even a dance. PETITE VALSE BRILLANTE. It’s a pity to leave a pensive Mr B.

Translated by John Collins

Andrzej Jagodziński – piano
Adam Cegielski – bass
Czesław “Mały” Bartkowski – drums

Recorded at Studio MI – Polish Radio
Warsaw, 7-10 June 1997
Sound engineer – Wojtek Przybylski
Cover design – Ula i Grzes Swieciccy
Produced by Stanislaw Piotrowski
CDSound Int. – CDSCD101

1. Deep Cut

2. Going Down

3. Django

4. Lonesome Dancer

5. Walk in Space

6. Petite Valse Brillante

7. Beethoven / VII Symfonia, temat z II części/